Monday, August 28, 2017

Walking Into Junior Year: A Life Update

Wait. Stop talking. Hold the phone. I am a JUNIOR in college!? Aka I've already completed HALF of the best four years of my life??? How do I go back in time? 

It's no secret that I haven't been on my best blog game lately when it comes to posting, so I thought it would be good to do a nice lil life update to ease back on in. As you can tell from my very dramatic sentences above, school is back in session! Here are some new and exciting things happening in Ariana world:

LIVING LARGE | I finally moved out of my old crusty apartment into a beautiful new house! I am living with three roommates in a house that was just completely gutted and renovated (aka it's completely new on the inside!!!) I'm talking all new appliances, paint, windows, doors, you get the idea... It's a dream y'all!!! There will def be pics to come!

NEW PHONE, WHO DIS? | My old iPhone 6 finally bit the dust earlier this month. Not only was the screen completely and totally shattered, but it stopped receiving messages and would randomly restart while also deleting random important things in the process. Oh did I mention the 3 hour battery life!? So now I'm feeling good with my new iPhone 7 plus. Hellooo portrait mode ;)

WORKIN GAL | I am still balancing my work and school, as I am continuing my Marketing internship this semester! What this looks like for me: 15 credit hours of class and roughly 20 hours per week of working at my internship.

LET'S GET PHYSICAL | Ever since school started back up last week, I have been so happy to finally be back in a routine! Working full time this summer put me in a routine for the day time, but not necessarily for my evenings. Now I have set aside time each day for general life things such as homework and exercising. My friends and I get really into the "Group X" aka exercise classes at the gym because they can be such a fun way to burn some cals and laugh with each other! I am planning on doing a post all about the classes and my favorite workouts in a couple of weeks once I delve a little deeper into the Group X world.

WHAT THE HEALTH | No, sorry to disappoint but this little blurb is not going to be about the What The Health documentary everyone is swearing they're "going vegan over"... I'm honestly afraid to watch! I'm talking about my new found determination to eat healthy, people!! I'm talking clean eating, whole foods, low fat, and gluten free! That's my diet plan, now please hold me accountable.

What I'm Looking Forward To:
- Football season: go cocks!
- Starting upper division classes in my major
- Thomas Rhett concert in October
- Fall Break
- Getting in shape

If you have any goals for the new school year or are looking forward to something exciting, please let  me know by leaving a comment below! I'd love to hear about it! Also, side note: I'm on the search for some new dinner recipes that fit my diet plan above, so any help there would be great as well! 

"The future starts today. Not tomorrow." 

Make today a good one!!!

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