Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tips for a Girl's Weekend in Charleston

Girls trips are always fun, and what better way to celebrate my 20th birthday than a weekend in Charleston!? Today I thought it would be fun to share some do's and don'ts on planning your next weekend get-a-way with your gals! 

1. Don't make a set schedule | Maybe this is because of my "go with the flow" mentality on life in general, but I never have as much fun on trips where every second of the day is scheduled. For me, all this causes is stress (especially in groups) because there's just no way everything will work out exactly as planned. It will rain when you want to go to the beach, the restaurant will have a long wait,  the movie will be sold out, you get the picture... 

2. Be stubborn | With a big group, you're bound to have many different opinions, so be flexible and willing to compromise when it comes to decisions that ultimately won't matter in the bigger picture. We did a good job of this this past weekend, especially when it came to deciding where to eat :)

1. Find a good location | I knew we wanted to spend our time mainly at Isle of Palms beach as well as downtown Charleston, so I picked a hotel in Mount Pleasant, which is right in between IOP and downtown. This ended up being perfect because our hotel was pretty much exactly 15 min from each!

2. Think of some fun activities beforehand | This may sound contradictory to my above "no schedule" tip, but if you have a general idea of things you want to do (without nailing down exactly when to do them), you will save your group a lot of "idk whatever y'all want to do"'s. (I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about!!) For example, you can plan to see a movie or play mini golf one night of the trip or bring board/card games or movies with you!

3. Going to dinner? Call ahead | Chances are if you're on a girl's trip, you have a semi-big group. Any decent restaurant in a 50 mile radius of Charleston on a weekend is probably going to have some sort of wait especially for a group of 6! This weekend, while were getting ready, we would look up a couple of different restaurants and either make a last minute reservation, or call ahead once we were on the way, and it worked out great!

4. Pack big | This is probably just a "me" thing as well, but I like overpacking so that my friends and I can share clothes, shoes, etc. In the last pic above, 4 of the pairs of shoes are mine, and the last day we were there, I think everything I wore wasn't mine ;) And I, being the last minute packer that I am, ended up forgetting a lot of stuff that I ended up being able to borrow too.

That's all I got! Comment down below if you have any tips/tricks to a weekend get-a-way! 

Also: For specifics on restaurants/things to do in Charleston etc. check back on Monday! I am working on a HUGE Charleston Guide of alllll of my favorite spots in the area! 

Thanks for reading!

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