Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Birthday Gift Guide

Happy Monday to you! If you follow me on instagram, you would know that I am writing to you from beautiful Hilton Head Island. This island has a special place in my heart because my family has been vacationing here since I was seven years old! I am so excited to be able to share more about my trip with my upcoming posts!

Now that it's finally June and I'm at the beach, it officially feels like summer to me. I thought it would be fun to make a summer birthday gift guide, though these gifts would be appreciated year round for sure...

ROSES CANDLE | These Diptque candles are all over Pinterest and insta and I know why... the simplicity of the label combined with the scent is everything! I would never buy one for myself because the price is kinda steep, but that's why they make the perfect gift! If you're looking for a less expensive candle, I love love love these candles and the jar is beautiful.

TORY BURCH SANDALS | You can't go wrong with the classic Miller sandals from Tory. They go with everything and are so easy to slide on! While I own my fair share of Tory Burch, these sandals are ones that I unfortunately do not yet own, but I am considering asking for for my birthday.

INITIAL NECKLACE | I like to think of this dainty initial necklace as the cherry on top of my outfits. It's the perfect simple piece, and it's such good quality! I love my "A" necklace, and the best part is that you can get a discount on anything on the website with my code "ARIANA"

PINEAPPLE FLOAT | Pool floats are so trendy n' fun and what screams summer more than a giant pineapple?! Give this to your friend and her instagram will be poppin.

TACOS DOORMAT | I've never seen a more "me" doormat. Need I say more?

APPLE WATCH | So many of my friends are starting to get apple watches and I'm starting to have slight FOMO. They seem so cool! If you own one, I want to hear your thoughts/ if you think they're worth it/ if they live up to the hype.

FASHION COFFEE TABLE BOOK | I've been hoarding collecting coffee table books since I was in ninth or tenth grade. I love finding a good fashion or beauty book that is also visually appealing to lay out as decor, and this "The Way She Wears It" book fits the bill for sure.

S'WELL BOTTLES | If you know me, you know drinking water is not my strong suit. I sometimes can go a couple of days without drinking it simply because I forget... One of my friends texted me everyday for a week straight reminding me to drink water because she was concerned lol. I'm aware that it's a horrible habit, but maybe if I had one of these cute water bottles, it would encourage me to drink more? 

Any of these would be perfect bday or even "just because" gifts for a friend this summer! Except the apple watch.. if you're giving that out "just because", email me bc we need to be friends asap ;)

Hope you enjoyed this different type of post today, and be sure to follow along on my instagram to see my Hilton Head adventures on my insta story every day this week!

PS- my birthday is on the 23rd this month, and I wouldn't mind a single one of these items.... ;)


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  1. Amazing guide. I adore the bottles. They're true #goals.

    Her Hive