Monday, June 12, 2017

Getting Organized With Bustle + Bee

BUSTLE AND BEE "THE BASIC BOX" save with code "SUMMER17" at checkout (c/o) | LEATHER TOTE BAG (one of my closet staples!) | GRAPHIC TANK | AGENDA (2018 version here) (notebook version here) 

In case you missed it, I love my agenda. I love all things stationary, stickers, planning, and office supplies. This is truly one of the only areas of my life that is consistently organized. The "notes" app on my iPhone is convenient on the go, but nothing gets me hype more than planning out my to-do lists on good old fashion pen and paper. All of this being said, when Bustle and Bee contacted me about their brand new stationary monthly subscription box, I was so excited! Y'all know I live for this stuff. Such a good idea, I'm confused why there aren't thousands of these on the market already? 

Anywhoo, once I received the box, I was extremely impressed. This is the the company's first box and it comes with five items! 

Here are my thoughts:

1. METALLIC PAPERCLIPS | the box comes with five paperclips that I have been using to bookmark places in my agenda. the shape of them reminds me of ice cream cones so you know that's a win in my book!

2.  WEEKLY LIST | this will be good for jotting down quick thoughts for the week, though I do wish it was a bit bigger, (see the size on my computer in the first pic) as I usually have a lot to write down at once. I do really like how they are sticky, however!

3. HEART STICKERS | stickers are my jam. I put them on my laptop. I put them on my water bottles. I used to have them all over the back of my car. And I put them all up in my agenda! These heart stickers are the perfect size to mark a day in my agenda, while still having room to write as well. I'm keeping these in the front pocket of my agenda for easy access.

4. WASHI TAPE | if you've never used washi tape, it's basically a thin, papery decorative tape that you can put anywhere. The one that comes in this box has a cute banner design, and I've already use it to outline my birthday in my agenda. Keep in mind that the washi tape in this box is just a sample... I might have to go buy more at the store!

5. GEL PEN | in elementary school, I was obsessed with gel pens. Like, so obsessed I would beg my parents for the 50 pack of every color you could ever need in life while back to school shopping, which is sort of unfortunate for my left-handed-ink-smearing self. The gel pen in this box brought me back to my elementary school glory days, and it comes in GOLD, no less. What more could I possibly ask for? Ha! But I was actually extremely impressed with how thick and smooth this pen wrote! I'm trying to save it for when I go back to school to use, but I have the urge to write everything in this pen, it's THAT good.


I definitely recommend this box! Every item that came in it was cute, and matched my style. Also, the two girls that started the company go to Wofford College, so I love being able to support local people trying to grow their business! I put a coupon code above that the girls at Bustle + Bee offered to you all! I am so excited to see their future boxes, as each box will include something different! 

Thanks so much for reading! If you order this box, let me know your thoughts! I'm hooked on this concept.

thanks to Bustle + Bee for sending me this box to review. all opinions, as always, are my own. 

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  1. Thank you for the review. I am thinking about checking this out.