Wednesday, May 24, 2017

4 Ingredient Green Smoothie to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Happy hump day! As I am writing this, it is currently 11 pm and I just sat down to write tomorrow's post with not a clue what to write about. I was originally planning to do a post on The Bachelorette premier on Wednesday, but I feel like I need one or two more episodes under my belt before I can give my full thoughts and opinions. 

Today I am sharing this PB banana smoothie I have been obsessed with lately. I think I've had some version of it the past three days in a row. It is SO good. I have a huge sweet tooth and find myself always craving chocolate (especially late at night...). There has literally never been a time I have thought to myself, "wow chocolate sounds horrible right now".. I never thought I would say this, but this smoothie satisfies my chocolate cravings. And here's the kicker. It's under 160 calories. 

How do you make it? I'm glad you asked. It's four ingredients and SO easy:

A handful of frozen spinach (~7 calories)
1 frozen banana (~90 calories)
1/2 cup of almond milk (15 calories)
2 tbs PB2 peanut butter powder (45 calories)
**sometimes I put in 1 tbs of cocoa powder to switch it up (10 calories)**

When I drink this smoothie during the day, I don't feel the need for chocolate at night. It's a miracle worker if you're trying to shape up for summer like I am! 

If you're wondering, this is the blender that I have and love! It even comes with a "quiet shield" if you have a habit of making smoothies early in the morning or late at night like I do! It makes smoothie-making so quiet!

Try out this smoothie & let me know what ya think!
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