Wednesday, May 31, 2017

11 Things To Do This Summer

There comes a time every summer that I get into a lull where I feel like there's nothing fun left for me to do.. Anyone else? Today I'm rounding up my top 11 things to do this summer and putting them in a summer "bucket list". I included some stuff I've already done this summer because I am the type of person that starts "to-do" lists with something I've already accomplished just so I have something to cross off right away ;)

What is on your summer bucket list? Comment below anything you think I should add to my list!

Thanks for reading, talk soon!!

1 comment on "11 Things To Do This Summer"
  1. Oh my goodness! Last summer, we went to our first baseball game here in Columbia, to see the fireflies baseball team, and it was fantastic! We have already gone to one game this year, and can't wait to schedule another one! So so fun!