Wednesday, April 12, 2017

LBD for Spring

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 One of the interesting things about the spring semester in college is figuring out how to spend your weekends. During the fall, the weekends are typically revolved around the football games, so during the spring semester, there's usually more time to make your own fun!

 This past weekend, the weather was gorgeous and I took a day trip to the beautiful city of Charleston! I could write a whole book about the things I love about Charleston, but today I'm just talking about how to create an easy laid back look for spring. 

I love to slip on a dress or romper when the weather warms up, because you don't have to think about putting an outfit together! For this trip I decided to keep it classic with an LBD, simple sandals, and minimal jewelry. This type of outfit is my go to for spring!

I did have to include the food that we had that day because it was too good not to share! Above you see BBQ Shrimp & Grits from Charleston Crab House (I also had calamari for the first time!) and ice cream from Kilwin's! My friend Jenny (pictured above) just started a blog and posted yesterday, if you're interested in reading more about what our day looked like in Charleston on Saturday!

I would love to do a post highlighting my favorite spots around Charleston if that would be of interest to you all!


Thanks for reading, and happy early Easter! 

3 comments on "LBD for Spring"
  1. Charleston is so beautiful! Love your's perfect for wandering around the city. :)
    erin |

  2. I want to visit Charleston so bad! It seems like such a fun and beautiful city!


    1. It is! I try to go as often as possible! There's new stuff to see everytime I go :) Thanks for stopping by, Amanda!