Monday, March 13, 2017

February Favorites

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Hello! This favorites post is up a little late, but better late than never am i right? February was a crazy month, but an awesome month as well! I started a new job, celebrated some birthdays, went to a country concert, and almost cut three of my fingers off! Whaaaaat? Yeah, you read that right, it was in the process of cutting a sweet potato, and it still hurts a little to type this as we speak :)

MEDIA FAVS// First off, I have been keeping up with The Bachelor (which is impressive because I work on Monday nights), and it is so good! I am PUMPED for the finale tonight, but I have to work, so unfortunately I'll have to watch it tomorrow :(
(don't worry though, I'm deleting all social media apps until I'm able to watch so I don't see any spoilers)

I also have a instagram fav this month. I have been obsessed with "Sincerely Jules" t-shirts for a while, and bit the bullet and finally bought one this month. (You probably recognize this shirt from the line!) I decided to look up the girl behind the brand on Instagram, and I became obsessed! Julie SariƱana, (@sincerelyjules on insta), is the founder of the Sincerely Jules clothing brand and has an awesome insta page! Every picture she posts is so tropical and she makes me crave summer! 

BEAUTY FAVS// I didn't try any new beauty items, but I re-fell in love with some oldie but goodie favs that I am working on a whole post about coming up shortly! I also tried a ton of new products for spring break, so I'll be able to update you on that in this month's favorites as well!

MUSIC FAVS// Okay. 2 words. Bruno Mars. Yeah. If you haven't heard any of his new songs, you may think I'm crazy but I have been jammin' to his new album non stop! So good! I love "Chunky" and "That's What I Like"! In the complete opposite direction, I've also been loving listening to "Elevation Worship" on Spotify. They are so good, and I would definitely recommend checking them out if you need new worship music to listen to!

LIFE FAVS// A favorite this month has been -finally- having a schedule! I honestly confuse myself so much because I am very unorganized when it comes to physical things ie: keeping up with my belongings, keeping my room clean, but I'm so type-A when it comes to keeping my life and school work organized aka I spend at least ten minutes a day creating to-do lists for the day and week in my agenda that I HAVE to complete...  I say all of this to say that starting my new job has given me a set weekly schedule that I am loving! Even though I'm busy, knowing exactly what I'm going to be doing at any time of the week is so satisfying, and it makes me spend my free time very productively!

I know I've mentioned how busy I am ten million times over the past couple of weeks, but thanks so much for bearing with me and the lack of posts/pictures recently. I am hoping to be finally back on track!

March has been a great month so far, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the month holds! Happy Monday!

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