Monday, February 13, 2017

iPhone Apps To Make Your Life Easy

Long time no talk! So sorry for the lack of a post last Wednesday, things got a little crazy last week in  my world! Here's a little life update:

Last week I actually started an internship, and am going to be working there about 23 hours a week, in addition to my current job that I work 9 hours a week. Add in a 15-credit hour school schedule and a social life, and I just got REAL busy REAL quick! But don't get me wrong, I love being busy, and was actually going a little crazy with how much free time I had during the day before... I say all this to say that I still have every intention of posting here every Monday and Wednesday, but bear with me as I try to figure out this new schedule and time management and all of that!

Today I wanted to round up my favorite apps that I think everyone should know about! I'm not the type of person to have a million apps on phone that I never use, (nobody got storage for that!) but I like having apps that make me feel organized and make my life a little easier. I obviously use social media apps and three, yes three, different email apps all of the time, but I wanted to include some less obvious apps that are super helpful that you may have never heard of!

1. UNUM// If you're obsessed with your Instagram "theme", I would highly recommend getting this app! You just sign in to your account and it allows you to see if a picture would look good before you actually upload it to Instagram. I think you can even schedule pictures to actually upload straight from there, but I usually just post them myself when I'm ready. It's especially useful if you're trying to decide between a couple of different pictures, so you can see them all side by side to pick the best one! I seriously use it every time I'm getting ready to post a picture. I know there are a lot of similar apps, but I like this one because it's free!

2. TIMEHOP// I feel like this was more popular a couple of years ago, but I still check my timehop every morning. It's similar to "Facebook memories", but it allows you to sign in to all of your social media accounts, and it tells you what you posted on that day in previous years! You can even register your camera roll so you can see the pictures you took on that day if you have the same phone! It's so interesting to me to recall what I was up to in previous years, and it's kind of embarrassing to see my Facebook statuses from like 6 years ago...

3. MYFITNESSPAL// I won't spend too much time talking about this app, because I explained it in my Fitness Motivation post, but this app is super helpful when I'm out to eat and can quickly look up the nutrition info for the food I'm about to order!

4. GOODBUDGET// I just recently started using this, but I am trying to actually be an adult and work on better managing my money so I don't blow it all at once... You can put in your monthly income and create folders for each monthly expense you have i.e. "Groceries: $100" or "Utility bill $50" etc. Each time you purchase something, you enter it in to hold yourself accountable for your spending! You can even link it to a partner's account. This app isn't free, (which I realized after I downloaded it...) but I'm sure there are plenty of free similar ones.

5. POSHMARK// I am obsessed with Poshmark! It's basically an online Plato's Closet, but you can earn so much more money for your items. I don't really buy off of it, but I love using it to get extra money for items I don't wear anymore. I will say though that it's a little tougher to sell items that aren't a nice/designer brand, but it's def not impossible. The best part is that the customer pays a flat-rate shipping cost of $6, and then you (the seller) get emailed a pre-paid mailing label to just drop off at the post office! Super easy, and Poshmark only keeps 20% of the sale. While a customer can barter a lesser amount for an item, there's none of the bidding nonsense that I hate about Ebay... Follow me here to shop my closet :)

6. VSCO// This is a photo editing app and lowkey social media app. This is what I primarily use to edit my pictures! I love the VSCO filters (my favorite is C1). You can just edit pictures to save to your camera roll, or you can choose to upload them to your profile! I usually post "artsy-ier" pictures on my VSCO if that makes sense. I say that it's a "lowkey" social media app because while you can follow people, there's no likes and you can't see how many followers other people have, so it's more just about the pictures.

7. VENMO// All of my college friends know what this is, but you really don't realize how you lived without venmo until you actually have it. This app allows you to send money to your friends so easily! It's so useful if you're like me and forget to pay people back/forget to ask people to pay you back because you can pay AND charge people! I also know that some people use it to pay rent each month, etc. (it really is so useful!) You can see who your friends are paying too, which is always funny (but you can't see how much they're paying obviously).

8. BLOGLOVIN// I also mentioned this before, but Bloglovin is basically like Pinterest but just for blog posts! I personally like to follow a lot of different blogs (and a lot of different types of blogs) and this allows me to see all recent posts of the blogs I follow in a newsfeed. Follow my blog here if you want!

9. BIBLE// There's a million different Bible apps, but my favorite one is literally just called "Bible" haha (It's the first one that comes up when you search Bible in the app store.) This app is cool though because it has so many different free devotional plans that you can do with specific topics to target exactly what you want to work on. For example, there are plans that offer biblical perspectives for dealing with anxiety, putting others first, race issues, managing your time, etc. There are seriously thousands of different plans/subjects, and you can search for a specific one as well. I like them because they're typically pretty short, so I feel accomplished when I complete one. (The last one I did, "Women on a Mission" was only three days!) I just started one called "Live Out Your Faith With Fitness" that's five days long! I never really thought about faith and fitness being related, so I'm really excited to read the devotional and corresponding verses tonight for it!

10. KIMOJI// Something you may not know about me, but you probably don't know anyone that "keeps up with the Kardashians" more than I do... I follow them all on all social media, and will always be ready to share updates about any of the Kardashian/Jenner girls. I seriously live for Khloe and Kourtney's daily workout sessions on snapchat. As you can imagine, when Kim announced her "Kimoji" app release, (emojis and animated gifs of Kim and things relevant to Kim's life, if you're not in the know), I was ALL over it! I find pride in finding the perfect Kimoji to use to respond to my friends... Sidenote: This app costs $1.99 and I heard that at it's peak, it was being downloaded over 9,000 times per second. This means Kim was making over $1 mil per minute JUST from the app. And this is just one of three apps she owns. Just let that sink in for a hot sec...

11. COUPON SHERPA// This is kind of a random app but I've been using it for years, so I felt obligated to include it on this list! I basically use this app when I'm shopping at stores to see if it has any coupons available! It also can use your location to automatically show you coupons near you, which is super helpful! I don't check it for every store, but it's really useful for stores that usually always have some sort of promotion going on (like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, etc). After you use a coupon, it asks you if it worked or not, so it does a good job about filtering out invalid coupons. I've actually never had a coupon not work for me on the app, and it always deletes offers once they expire. It has saved me a good amount of money over the years, especially considering it's a free app!

What are your must have apps? I would love to know if there are any I need to try out! Thanks for reading!

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