Monday, February 20, 2017

13 Orders for Every Starbucks Drinker

I have been drinking Starbucks coffee for over 12 years now (and yes, I am 19 years old!) My dad is an avid coffee drinker, and would take my little sister and me to Starbucks all of the time when we were younger. (Back then I would order Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccinos and Peppermint Steamers!) Over the years, I'd like to think that I've learned my way around a Starbucks menu pretty well, and I have rounded up my top drinks split up into categories!

1. Cold Brew// Like iced coffee, but stronger! Cold Brew is steeped for 24 hours, so they usually have a limited supply and sometimes run out mid day :( This was my jam last summer, especially with the vanilla sweet cream! 

2. Americano// This is my go-to at the moment. I like this because there's no milk (it's literally just espresso and hot water aka no calories) and I drink it as is. SO good if you love strong/black coffee like me! 

3. Cappuccino// Such a classic, but it's still an all time fav of mine. There's actually a local coffee shop here in Columbia that I think makes a better capp than Starbucks, but sometimes I just need to order a grande non fat cappuccino!

4. Latte Macchiato// This was my obsession last winter! I sometimes order it with caramel drizzle on top.

5. Flat White// This is very similar in taste to a latte macc, but I would say it's a little creamier because they use whole milk. 

1. Caramel Macchiato// Another classic. These are actually a little too sweet for me nowadays, but I get them occasionally. Sidenote: Am I the only one that can't stand iced caramel macchiatos? I don't know what it is, but all of the milk at the bottom really freaks me out (even if I stir it first!)

2. Seasonal flavors// If you're a newer coffee drinker, or just like sweeter/flavorful drinks, I would highly recommend seasonal or promotional flavors. The PSL and Peppermint Mochas are my all-time favs, but this winter I really enjoyed the Caramel Brulee latte as well! 

3. White Chocolate Mocha// This was one of the first coffee drinks I started ordering from Starbucks. I usually order it with nonfat milk and half of the syrup pumps, (they usually put four in a grande), because it can be really sweet. My roommate last year used to "hate" coffee, and thanks to this drink (and my suggestion!) she has grown to expand her coffee horizons. (You're welcome, Morgan)

1. Coldbuster tea// This is SO good. If you haven't tried it, you really need to. It's kind of long and embarrassing to order if the barista has never heard of it, but it's so worth it! It hits the spot even if you're not sick! I've gotten my mom and roommate on board, and it's perfect for those days I'm trying to limit my caffeine. Here's how to order

2. Frappuccino// I don't really order frappes anymore because they're not the best for you, but if you don't like coffee, they have cream based frappes! I like the vanilla bean and green tea frappes the best.

3. Chai tea latte// Not a fan of these iced, but I enjoy a hot chai tea latte occasionally. 

4. Pink Drink// I've actually never ordered this drink, but my little sister loves it, and I think it'd be perfect for someone that doesn't like coffee! It's just the strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk. It's a little too sweet for me, and I would just rather have coffee (go figure!)

5. DIY Refresher// This is kind of weird, but for a while I was obsessed with getting a canned refresher drink from the coolers in Starbucks, and then buying a cup of ice with three pumps of raspberry syrup in it to pour the canned refresher drink over. The refreshers technically have green coffee in them, so they're full of caffeine without the taste of actual coffee!

1. Grande and Venti lattes have the same amount of coffee in them, the difference in size comes from more milk in a venti.
2. If I order an extra shot of espresso in my drink, I usually order it "affagato" style, which means that they pour it over the top of the drink after the drink is finished. This allows the espresso to drizzle down into the drink, as opposed to it just being mixed in.
3. If you order Almond milk in your hot drinks, some Starbucks make them at the kid temperature so the almond milk doesn't "scorch". I personally don't taste a difference when it's at the normal temp, so I always double check with the barista before hand to make sure he/she doesn't make it at the kid's temperature. 

Whoo! That was a lot, but hopefully you found that helpful! Let me know what your go-to Starbucks order is, or if you try out any of these suggestions! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. My go-to orders are either a skinny caramel latte, no foam, add whip. Or a good ol chai latte.
    Absolutely CANNOT wait to try the Coldbuster!!!