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How Do You Eat An Elephant: Tackling Your Resolutions (Guest Post by Hannah Goodwin)

 Today is a very special day on the blog because my friend Hannah, who I also mentioned in my November Favorites, is sharing some insight on setting goals for 2017! She has such a way with words and is always very organized, so naturally I turned to her to give me some motivation for my resolutions this year! I found this list so inspiring, and I hope you find some inspiration through it as well. 

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

New Year’s resolutions. Tricky subject - while some people love sitting down and listing out their goals, big and small, for the year, others see a new year as just another day. If you know me, it’s most likely no surprise to you that I love making my New Year’s resolutions. I love love love reflecting, goal setting and listing.

But I also totally understand why many people opt not to make resolutions of their own. How do you encapsulate your dreams and wishes for the entire year ahead? Especially when you have some uncertainties in your life, as most of us do. It’s overwhelming, no question about it.

I consume lots of content via social media, blogs, podcasts, you name it, and they all have their own “secret to success” for goal setting. But the thing is, there isn’t one way to do it! I’ve been brainstorming my own approach the past couple of weeks and I wanted to share my process with you all! My hope is that it eases that resolution anxiety for some of you, or inspires you to at least sit down with a pen and paper, or computer, and concoct your recipe for success this year.

Let’s break it down...


            Why is it that we always focus on the “could haves” and “should haves”? I challenge you to thoroughly reflect back on your year and jot down the things you did that you are proud of. Scroll back through your Instagram posts and remember all the amazing things you experienced. Think about those tough times when you struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but when you finally made it happen, you felt on top of the world. This year I made a “What happened?” and a “Things I’m Proud Of” list and man, 2016 was a year full of incredible experiences.

            I love having this as the first step, because it starts the whole process out on a positive note and reminds you of all you’ve accomplished.


            Next, I like to write down my top priorities. I made a list of five: relationships, health, professional life, creativity and finances. Think about the things that you really want to dedicate time to in 2017 and rank them, or don’t rank them - totally up to you.

            This step helps you visually see what you value in your life. This is what your resolutions and goals should center on. Also, it helps you get a well-rounded group of goals to focus on, because let’s face it, losing 5 lbs. may be important to you, but in the grand scheme of things I’m sure you have bigger dreams than that.


            Under each priority make some bullet points with more specific goals. Think of this process as a circle getting smaller and smaller. These things should be more of the “day to day” things you want to work on.

            This year I opted to make mine a little less specific than usual, it just seemed more realistic to me that way.  


            Mine is independence. Pick a word, or a phrase, that you can actively focus on throughout the year. Have it be your mantra. For when your goals look too big and scary, you can think about this one word. It is much easier to digest, and will keep you centered.


            You can’t do it all at once. I think this is where so many of us go wrong in this goal setting thing. We get too ambitious and want to do it all at once, and be a brand new person the first day of the year. I am totally guilty of this.

            Just take your time! And also give yourself the flexibility to adjust your goals as the year progresses and your life changes. The New Year is a great time to reflect on your past year and make changes, but changes take time.

Best of luck with creating your “secret to success” for 2017! Go make amazing things happen!

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  1. Such an inspiring post and at such a perfect time! I love your handwriting btw :)

  2. Such a great list! I'm printing this to keep the inspiration going for reaching my own goals. I love the suggestion to "pick a word for your year". I have two: GIRL BOSS. ;o)

  3. I love these suggestions! I'm always curious as to how others tackle their resolutions. I love picking a word for the year - very creative!

    Beth ||

  4. A very nice list. I like this a lot. It can be hard to tackle your resolution. xx