Monday, December 5, 2016

November Favorites

Did anyone else feel like November FLEW by!? Hopefully December will slow down because it's my favorite month of the year by far! Though this one is going up a little bit late, I am hoping to do these "favorites" posts at the end of every month as a way to re-cap what I was obsessed with during that  month! These favorites posts will usually be more focused on random products, to serve as a break from my more fashion-based posts! 

FOOD FAVS// This month I discovered my new go-to order at Starbucks: the Chestnut Praline Latte. SO good! I can't believe I waited this long to try it, but it never really appealed to me before... It's seriously Christmas in a cup! (I order mine non-fat with only 3 pumps of syrup so it's less sweet).
I also became obsessed with the Apple Cranberry flavor of La Croix. If you've never heard of La Croix, you're missing out big time! It's just naturally-flavored sparkling water, but they have really cool, unique flavors! My roommate and I are obsessed with trying a new flavor every time we go to the grocery, but our all-time favorite is the lime flavor!

MUSIC FAVS// This is kind of general, but I discovered Spotify's "This is:" playlists this month! They created these for so many different artists, and they just consists of that specific artist's most popular songs! My favorites are the "This is: Jack Johnson" and "This is: Justin Bieber" playlists. (I discovered 2 or 3 old songs/remixes Justin Bieber was featured in that I had never heard!!) Also, every November 1st I allow myself to break out the Under The Mistletoe album! (There's also just something about listening to the physical CD that is so much more satisfying than streaming it...) Does anyone feel that way?

BOOK FAVS// This month has been hectic with schoolwork and preparing for finals, so I haven't had much time to read any books for pleasure. I did finish this book this month (I actually started it this summer and forgot I hadn't finished it!) It was such an inspiring and funny read! I plan to do a post all about books I've read lately, once I'm able to read more frequently, so stay tuned for that for more details it!
BLOG FAVS// Each month, I want to highlight a new blog I've discovered or a particular blog post I enjoyed reading. This month, I'm talking about Hannah Shares. Hannah is one of my friends, and was actually the one to encourage me to jumpstart my blog this month! Her blog is so well written and relatable! I seriously love reading everything she posts about her life!

Also: I normally post on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I will be posting THREE times this week! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a super exciting Christmas gift post!

I hope you enjoyed this list of my November favorites, and as always,
Thanks for reading!

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