Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gifts that Give Back!

Happy first week of December! I normally post on Mondays and Wednesdays, but I wanted to go ahead and put together this gift guide for today because we are right in the midst of Christmas shopping! We all go through the struggle during this time of year of not having ANY gift ideas for our friends and family.  All of the products you see above make excellent Christmas gifts, and the best part is that they all give back! That's right, all of these companies give back to their respective projects and charities! 

1. TOMS SUNGLASSES// When I saw these sunglasses, I instantly fell in love! We all remember the Toms brand from years ago, but they have really stepped up their game recently! They have so many cute styles of sunglasses, and I love how each Toms product helps out a different cause. 
*YOUR PURCHASE: Gives a pair of glasses to someone in need;  "One for One" campaign*

2. TOMS BOOTIES// These two-toned booties are also from the Toms brand. (I told you they were stepping up their game!) Their bootie selection in huge! Side note: Toms also sells coffee mugs now, and that campaign supports a clean water project for people in need!
*YOUR PURCHASE: Gives a pair of shoes to a child in need*

3. SUDARA PAJAMA PANTS// This is a brand I am particularly passionate about because every Sudara product is made by an escaped human trafficking victim in India, so you are literally investing in these women/children who are trying to create new lives for themselves. How cool is that!? Besides pajama pants, the brand also has loungewear for the whole family, as well as jewelry and purses. I love this simple gold cuff! Side note: I actually wrote a 10 page research paper on Human Trafficking for a class last fall, complete with a video about it if you're interested in learning more. 
*YOUR PURCHASE: Employs ex-human trafficking victims of India*

4. DEBORAH LIPPMANN GEL POLISH// This particular shade (Cranberry Kiss) of Deborah Lippmann's gel collection is part of the RED nonprofit organization that works to help end AIDS/HIV in Africa. Not to mention the color is perfect for Christmas! (2/3 of the world's AIDS/HIV victims live in Africa).
*YOUR PURCHASE// Supports the distribution of AIDS/HIV medication to victims in Africa*

5. PURPOSE JEWELRY EARRINGS// This is another brand that employs former human trafficking victims! The cool thing about this brand is that it specifically helps victims in India AND Orange County, California! This brand has so much cute jewelry to choose from, and it's super affordable!
*YOUR PURCHASE: Employs ex-human trafficking victims of India and California*

6. WARBY PARKER EYE GLASSES// I recently did the free "At home try on" program with Warby Parker and plan on asking for these exact glasses for Christmas! I didn't know this before, but Warby Parker also does a "one for one" campaign by partnering with VisionSpring non-profit! Even more reason for Santa to bring me these glasses this year!
*YOUR PURCHASE: Gives a pair of eye glasses to someone in need*  

How cool is it to be able to give back to someone in need, while also giving to your friends and family this Christmas season?? It truly puts meaning behind the "reason for the season" cliche! 

I hope you enjoyed this (lengthy!) post, as I worked really hard researching all of these brands to find items I personally liked and felt good about supporting!

Thanks for reading!

Also, you can shop these products by clicking the names in the list above, or the images below!
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