Monday, December 26, 2016

December Favorites

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! Mine was very low-key and relaxing which is just how I wanted it! My family did a different type of Christmas dinner this year where we each picked our favorite foods and had a potluck of a bunch of different dishes! It was such a good idea, and turned out really well! When else do you get to have enchilada casserole, spinach dip, and stuffed mushrooms in the same meal!? 

December was such a good month for me, so here's a recap of my favorite things:

FOOD FAVS// 3 Words: chocolate rice cakes! Sounds weird as a favorite, but I have been killing the Quaker Chocolate rice cakes, and love putting peanut butter on top. (There was a point where I was eating these everyday either for breakfast or dessert!) Also, if you know me, you know that I love all things coffee. My friend Sydney got me and my roommate Jillian hooked on these K-cups! They're so much cheaper than most brands, and the taste of the actual coffee is so bold. I've had dreams of waking up and making myself a cup of that coffee in a Christmas mug with peppermint mocha creamer this month because I'm that obsessed...

BOOK FAVS// This month I read this book, which I have had forever and never got a chance to actually reading; story of my life! It was a cute book, but I'm 90% sure it is geared towards middle schoolers wasn't necessarily a favorite, I just thought I would include it because I'm always interested to know what other people are reading! It would be a good read if you're looking for a quick, easy read! Also, this isn't reading material, but my mom got this coloring book, and there is something so relaxing about coloring, especially when the pictures are fashion related!

MUSIC FAVS// 90% of the music I listened to this month was Christmas music (duh), but I did want to admit that the other 10% of the time, I have also been switching between "I don't wanna live forever" by Zayn and T Swift and "In the Name of Love" by Martin Garrix. I also have been loving "Caroline" but I'm not proud of that... (shoutout to Riley for that one)

BLOG FAVS// I just discovered Erin and Daisy and their blog "Sand Sun & Messy Buns". Their blog is unique because they're a mother/daughter duo, so you get two perspectives when you read! I've loved watching their makeup tutorials as well! (this one was the first one I watched!)

Thanks for reading this recap of my month of December! I was also able to complete 8 out of my 10 things to do over Christmas Break so far, so I'm pretty proud of that accomplishment! I am so thankful for everything I have, and I am planning on taking time to reflect on my year over the next couple of days! What were your favorites of the month? I would love to know!

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