Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life Update + HELLO

agenda//glasses in color "tortoise green"

Oh hi! Here I am attempting to do the blog thing once again, except this time I plan on actually committing to it! 

This year I am a sophomore at USC, and SO much has happened this semester, so here's an update of my past three months:

-APARTMENT LIVING// In August, I moved into my first apartment! Even though I lived in a dorm last year, I consider this year my first year really living "on my own". It's definitely a major adjustment from dorm living (aka I actually have to go grocery shopping more than once a month) but I am loving it!

-NEW JOB// At the very end of August I got hired at one of the University's call centers, and started working there in September. It is an extremely different atmosphere than my previous job, and it's taken some getting used to for sure. That being said, I think the change was something I needed and I am overall happy with my decision.

-MAJOR AND MINOR// In October I officially declared my minor as Retailing. I have always been interested in fashion, and I thought this was a perfect way to dig deeper into one of my "hobbies". (Can you even call fashion a hobby?) I also thought this would pair nicely with my Broadcast Journalism major. A professor this semester told my class that it is important for journalists to find their journalism "nitch", such as investigative reporting, sports, politics, etc. and I discovered that I want to ultimately end up on the entertainment side of broadcasting. In November, I was accepted into USC's Upper Division Broadcast Journalism program, which I had applied for earlier in the semester.

-VOTING// Being able to vote in a presidential election for the first time was pretty cool this year also! I  also got to vote with both of my parents, which was worth waking up at 6 am to drive 30 minutes to our voting location, I guess... 

-BLOGGING// I have been wanting to start this blog for a while now, and have spent long hours with Google trying to get everything looking the way I want it to. I realized that if I waited for it to be perfect before I posted anything, I would never post. So here it is! 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you decide to stick around as I figure out what I'm doing and join the fun!
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