Sunday, November 25, 2018

Main Street, Columbia & Gamecock Gear

As my time at the University of South Carolina is beginning to wind down, I wanted to write about one of my favorite areas of Columbia: The Main Street District. 

A little background info...
 I am originally from the Columbia area, but never really explored the city's most popular spots until I became a student (way back in 2015 😂). I first became familiar with Main Street from the Soda City market every Saturday morning. If you're unfamiliar with the market, think fresh fruits + veggies, local vendors with amazing food/gift-y items, and LOTS of dogs! Since then, this street that runs through the heart of Columbia has quickly become one of my favorites. It has one of my favorite restaurants (Cantina 76), coffee shops (Drip; see last pic for my signature drink - large oat milk latte), and great local shops to support! Main Street has also recently added a bowling alley and indoor virtual golf, so there's always something to do! There are also string lights that illuminate the street beautifully at night... can you see why this area is my favorite!? 

Today I wanted to share a quick and casual outfit that I wore one afternoon exploring the area. I borrowed this shirt from my friend after she wore it to my football viewing party earlier this year, (shoutout to you, Kelsey) and thought it was the perfect casual way to display my love for my school! It's from a local campus outfitters store on campus, and is no longer on their website, so I'm linking a similar one on their site here

 I decided to keep the look casual with a black jeans, a Forever 21 jean jacket, and black suede booties (similar pair here). I accessorized with some studded sunglasses, my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse and a double-buckle western belt to make it funky. 

During my four years as a college student, I've noticed it can be a little tricky to rep a school/sports team without sacrificing your own personal style. See below for a little round-up of a few of my favorite USC items! Perfect if you have a gamecock you're trying to Christmas shop for!! (Mom if you're reading this, I NEED the pj pants below please ;)

Thanks for reading! Let me know the #1 thing on your Christmas wishlist in the comment section below, I need ideas!!

disclaimer: this post is an application entry to be selected to represent The University of South Carolina at New York Fashion Week

Winter Trend Alert: Faux Fur


As I'm writing this, I'm reflecting on this past Thanksgiving weekend. I have so much fullness in my heart from a long weekend of quality time with friends and family. And lots of food! This weekend was also my last Carolina/Clemson rivalry game as a student, and I'm emotional to say the least...

With that in mind, I thought this outfit was timely to share on the blog. I have so much pride in my school, and this outfit was actually inspired by the outfit I wore to the game in Clemson on Saturday. (see my exact gameday outfit here.) 

It's so funny to see how my fashion style has changed over the years... I would've have never dreamed of wearing an outfit like this my freshman year, but here I am! I have been loving big, bold statement pieces and fur. LOTS of fur 😉

 I picked this shaggy fur jacket up from Target this week, but it's sold out online now, so here's a similar one. It kept me so warm in the 40 degree football weather, so I know it will be a staple in my closet for the rest of the season! I decided to go along with the fur trend by adding these fun faux pom pom sneakers! People always ask me about them because they're so unique. These are also from Target, but they were from last year, so I linked an almost identical (nicer quality) pair here

Also - how awesome is this scarf!? Perfect way to show school spirit and keep myself warm all at the same time! This one was a gift, but I somehow found one on Amazon Prime for $19! I highly recommend!!! (everything I linked above is on Amazon, so get to shopping!)

I finished off the look with some simple leather leggings, gold hoops, trendy sunglasses and a neutral lip color.

Are you a faux fur wearer? What winter trend are you most excited to explore this season? Leave me a comment below

Can't get enough of the faux fur trend? Me neither. Here's some of my other favorites:

Thanks for reading!

disclaimer: this post is an application entry to be selected to represent The University of South Carolina at New York Fashion Week

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A Complete and Honest Review of SheIn.Com

Okay so if you follow me on instagram (go follow if you don't ;), you would know I posted on my instastories yesterday asking if you wanted a post about allll things Shein. It's probably my most frequently asked question among my friends and blog readers - "is it worth it?" 

I'm going to answer all the things I can think of, but if I missed anything feel free to comment on this post or DM me on insta. I just looked on my account history on the website and saw I've placed 10 orders which equals 31 items and a little over $400 so I know a thing or two about what's good on the site. 

What is it?
SheIn (formerly SheInside) is one of those sites you've 100% gotten ads for that claims to have a trendy dress on sale for $7, and it looks a little too good to be true... One of my favorite things about the site is that they get new arrivals every day. (YASSSS) I placed my first order in 2015 on a whim. The best piece of advice I can give as far as what to expect is to keep your expectations low. 

As I look back on my previous orders, I would say that I was pleased with the quality of 80% of the items I purchased - which is pretty good when we're talking $12 skirts. The 20% of unsatisfaction is for two reasons: a couple of items were just straight up cheap - I ordered this dress, and it literally looked like a trash bag when I opened it. Which now that I look at the picture, you can tell that the material is super thin and plastic-y. The other reason I have been disappointed in the past is simply because I ordered the wrong size. 

I cannot stress this next point enough: READ THE REVIEWS. If you scroll to the bottom of the page when you're viewing an item, there will be customer reviews. People who have ordered the item rate the item by sizing and their thoughts and all of that, but the best part is the customer gallery. If the item isn't brand new to the site, people will post pictures of them wearing it. This honestly is the deciding factor for me most of the time.. It is so helpful seeing on pieces on people in real life. If there aren't any helpful reviews, bring out the tape measure! Go to the size & fit tab on the side of the item and measure yo self. It helped me so much when I ordered this skirt (I got a L). Don't be afraid to go against your normal size (this is a chinese website after all).

Best things to order?
Surprisingly, one of my favorite things to order are swimsuits. I think I have seven suits from shein and the best part is that most of the two pieces are less than $15 for the top and bottom. UNHEARD of! I will say a quick little disclaimer that I usually don't like the bottoms that come with them - they are typically super skimpy (that's apparently the trend now-a-days). But I don't mind because the price is so cheap, it's worth taking a gamble on the bottoms. For reference, I have been ordering most of my suits in a M. (I ordered a few in a L based on reviews that said they ran small). I also like ordering shirts and dresses - things that can be a little forgiving in the size department, as opposed to jeans or shoes.

Shipping time?
Okay so when I first started ordering from this website, my clothes wouldn't show up until about two weeks after my shipping confirmation email - because they were coming from China. Now that the website is getting bigger, they recently opened up a warehouse in California that makes shipping a LOT faster - if your items are in stock in the Cal location. The last order I placed did come from China, but it only took about a week after my order had been shipped (processing typically takes 2 days, from my experience), but they actually ended up giving me points on my account as a way to say "sorry" for the shipping taking a while. So if you're worried about shipping taking f o r e v e r... don't be. Also, opt in at checkout for text updates. They will text you when your package is out for delivery and when it's been delivered which is super helpful. Oh btw - shipping is FREE!

Points System?
If the prices still aren't cheap enough for you, I have good news. They do a points system, like I mentioned above. You get points just for purchasing and then also confirming delivery, reviewing products, adding pictures to the customer gallery... I'm sure there are other ways too. Every 100 points you earn is $1 off. 
Above is a screenshot of my current points, so as you can see I could get $9.83 off of my next purchase if I wanted to!

More money off?
If you want more deals, they almost always have some type of coupon code offer, so make sure to sign up for their emails so that you have access to those codes. I usually ignore them until I'm ready to order, and then I just search my inbox for a code. They also do student discounts, which you can get an extra 20% off. Does it get any better?

My favorites?
Here are my top six favorites I've ordered and loved that are still in stock on the site 
(the sizes I ordered are below each item):

What's in my cart currently?

Okay, that wraps up all I can think of! Like I said above, please let me know if you have any other wonderings, I'd be happy to help! Also, as I spend more time with my blog, it would really mean a lot to me if you take the time to pin my posts on pinterest or send this post's link to anyone you think may benefit from it. 

Thanks for reading! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

12 Things To Do This Summer : Summer 2018 Bucket List

I am back with another "Summer Bucket List". Last year, I posted a list of 11 things to do during the summer, so I thought I would one-up myself this year and bring you 12 *new* things to do this summer! That's 23 things to do this summer so there's no room for complaining about being bored people!!! 

So without further a-doooo...
How many of these have you done? Leave me a comment below along with the number one thing you're excited to do this summer! It can be anything!

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Graduation 2018 Gift Ideas

I don't know about you, but I love gift-giving. I find so much joy in thinking of a perfect, personable gift for someone, no occasion necessary. I hear people say often that they never know what to buy someone when it comes time to pick out a gift. Whether that's you or not, I'm rounding up some great gifts today that your favorite grad - high school or college - will actually want. Gone are the days of Starbucks gift cards in a generic Hallmark card, people!

Price Points:
($) - $20 and under
($$) - $21-50
($$$) - $51+

| top row |
BOSE HEADPHONES ($$$) : Headphones are crucial for a long night of studying, and noise-cancelling + bluetooth are great bonuses. These are also perfect for traveling if your grad is planning a fun summer trip.

MANTRA BAND ($$) : These are so fun, and come in many different quotes so you can find the one that best fits! I like the "she believed she could, so she did" quote, however, because it's perfect for someone who just graduated - a huge accomplishment!

KEURIG ($$$) : An essential for any dorm room or post-grad living space! Everyone loves keurigs, but how chic is this all white one!? It makes me want to upgrade my crusty old black one asap.

| second row |
BEACH BAG ($) : Someone gave me a cute woven beach bag like this one for my high school graduation, and I use it to this day! I love it so much, and this particular one with the cherry on it is SO cute! (They also make a lemon version!) This bag is currently on sale and comes in at $20 when you use the code "FRIEND". Pick one up for you, and the grad at that price ;)

THANK YOU CARDS ($) : Obviously your grad will need these to write on after she gets all of these fabulous gifts, right!? This is a gift you may not think of giving a recent graduate, but I wish someone would have gifted me stationary when I graduated high school so I didn't have to spend my grad money on expensive thank you notes. And these are Kate Spade, so 'nuff said there.

POLKA DOT TUMBLER CUP ($) : Another great gift from Kate Spade. Cups like this are perfect for a grad you may not know that well because who doesn't love a good cup!? I have a Kate Spade straw cup like this that has held up for a few years now, and I love this gold one! Perfect for iced lattes on the go :)

| third row |
SWIM SUIT POUCH ($$) : This little pouch is designed for a wet swimsuit (and sunglasses!) Perfect for travel and pool days this summer. How cute would this be in the cherry beach bag!?

MADEWELL TRANSPORTER TOTE ($$$) : I have and love this bag. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you've heard me rave about this bag way too many times. It will always be relevant!! It's expensive, but well worth the price. It's so high quality, and a gift that anyone would appreciate! If you want something similar at a lower price point, this faux leather tote is reversible, under $50, and comes with a matching clutch!

AIRPODS ($$$) : I personally do not own AirPods, but I am very interested in them. I have read a lot of great reviews about them (check this one and this one out), and because they're still semi-new, I think this would be a very unique, personable gift for a tech-grad.

| fourth row |
LAPTOP CASE ($) : I've had a marble case on my MacBook for three years now! It's a pattern that will fit a lot of people's style and the price on this one is A+.

PORTABLE CHARGER ($$) : If I had a dollar for every time I wished I had a portable charger with me during my time in college, I would have enough money to buy five of these bad boys!! This one fits on your keys and is super cute! Any grad would "heart" this ;)

GRADUATION ALEX AND ANI BANGLE ($$) : These bangles always make great gifts, and this 2018 graduation cap charm is so personable! Something your grad will cherish forevaaaaa.

| last row |
KATE SPADE "PLACES TO GO" COFFEE TABLE BOOK ($$) : Have and love this book, and the title is so appropriate for a grad! It's like the cuter version of giving someone the "Oh! The Places You'll Go" Dr. Suess book. Sidenote: On the Kate Spade website this book is $40, so click on the book above to get a great deal! 

CHUNKY GOLD HOOPS ($$) : I'm ordering these babies asap! So cute and such a good price! Gold hoops are an essential to any college or young adult's wardrobe.

SMALL STEAMER ($$) : This little tool is a life.saver. Who has the time to iron anymore? That's right, no one. This thing takes less than a minute to heat up and leaves your clothes wrinkle-free! A perfect gift for anyone who doesn't have one!!

| other ideas | 

COFFEE MUGS : Love this and this one is a classic
COLLEGE WEAR (if graduating high school)
ARTWORK OF NEW CITY (if moving after college)

Hope you enjoyed this post! What do you like to give for graduations? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Cool For The Summer : Mood Board

Happy summer everyone!!! 

I just finished my last final project for the semester, so as I am typing this, I am officially on summer break! I am planning on doing a recap of my junior year of college, so stayed tuned for that next week! 

Today I wanted to share a collage I made of my own pictures + pictures I pinned on Pinterest (follow me!). Collages, or mood boards, are a great way to visualize and organize ideas, and this represents my summer "mood" if-you-will. 

I hope you enjoyed this shorter, different style post. I can't wait to share even more content here in the next few weeks! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, as well!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Cheetah Jacket + NYC Travel Diaries Video

Over spring break I went to New York for the first time, and I have one word for my experience: WOW. I secretly knew that I would love the atmosphere of the city, but I didn't set my standards too high so I wouldn't be let down. (I visited Hollywood this summer and wasn't as amazed with it/L.A. as much as everyone else is... #unpopularopinion) I definitely did not get my hopes up this time because NYC was everything I wanted it to be and more. I'm already trying to find a way to go back ASAP.

These pictures are from the second day we were there. On our way to brunch that morning, we happened upon the Palace Hotel, aka where the Van Der Woodsens lived in Gossip Girl. We walked past and kind of did a double take, and then obviously had to stop to get some pics in the courtyard!

For brunch, we ate at The Smith. This was probably one of my favorite meals of the entire trip. It was so so SO good! I got the apple bourbon waffle with a side of breakfast potatoes, and the potatoes were the best I've ever had in my whole life. I was blown away! It also came with complimentary sparkling water, which I appreciated.

After brunch, we subwayed (is that a word!?) to the Ground Zero memorial and went to the top of the One World Observatory which is over 100 stories high and gives you great views of the city! There was a little restaurant, bar, and gift shop up there as well. I liked doing this as opposed to the Top of the Rock from what I've heard because you can stay up there for as long as you want!

After that, we went into Brooklyn to explore some of the neighborhoods there and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. By the time we were finishing up the walk, the sun started setting so there were gorgeous views! It was really chilly though, especially in just the little cheetah jacket I had on.

My outfit definitely wasn't the warmest, but it was my favorite that I wore during the trip so it was kind of worth freezing for, haha! The black sweater and jeans are staples in my closet, so I want to focus on the main points of this outfit: the hat and jacket. I love love this little jacket! It was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be when I ordered it, but I'm so glad I decided to keep it and wear it in NYC. My exact one is sold out on Forever21, but here's a very similar one with a hood! (wouldn't that have been useful!?)

I love the cabbie hat trend, and knew that Brixton made nice ones, but I didn't exactly feel like spending over $40 on a hat I would never wear in South Carolina! I searched Amazon high and low and found one that looks almost identical for only $10! It was the perfect addition to the outfit, in my opinion.

Thanks for reading this post, and be sure to check out the little video I made highlighting me and my friends' trip! We had such a great time.

NYC, I'll be back soon ;)