Monday, February 12, 2018

How To Throw The Girliest Galentine's Brunch

In the wise words of Leslie Knope, "What's Galentine's day? Only the best day of the year!!" 
I knew a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to throw a galentine's brunch for all of my best gals, and let's just say when I have a vision... I don't stop until it's exactly like I see it in this crazy brain of mine.
Some have referred to this as "extra" but my crazy "party visions" cannot be tamed and it's a problem for my sanity. (and sometimes my wallet....)
Needless to say, the brunch turned out exactly like I wanted it to, and I wanted to share it here. 

So many of the decorations I saw in stores were very hot pink/red and glittery, but I knew that I wanted to have a lighter, pink and white feel. My house is very white with lots of windows, so I thought a lighter color pallet would match better. I also knew that I wanted it to be very feminine (duh) and floral. I ended up using a lot of decor I already had, and purchasing a majority of the rest  from the five dollar front section of Target!

| MENU |
avocado toast
chocolate covered strawberries
heart-shaped cocoa krispie treats
donut strawberry kabobs
raspberry lemonade

I purchased this pink and white table runner from Target. Our table normally holds six people, and we were expecting to have nine people, so I didn't want the table to be too crowded with decorations. I opted for flowers (which my artsy friend Katharine brought and arranged), candles and a very festive cake from Whole Foods to act as the centerpieces. I completed the table with some XOXO balloons strung over the windows. The little plastic champagne flutes are from Target and say "ooh la la" and "hello love". The heart-trimmed plates are from Michael's craft store.

| WALL |
I love to have a decorated wall for photo ops (again, duh) and I was so excited for an excuse to have a pink wall obviously!!! I'm trying to convince my roommates to have the pink hearts up all year long ;). The heart streamers and galentine banner were both from Target. We also ordered heart shaped foil balloons and white balloons from Party City to add to the decor. 


I turned our coffee cart set up into a little candy area to top off the brunch. Kisses, macaroons, conversation hearts, you get the idea. I loved the way it turned out, and also want to make that a permanent change to our kitchen decor haha! Couldn't complete the space without a Spice Girls quote...


The best part of any party... the music. I opted to play my very specially curated "Girl Jams" playlist on Spotify. I am always adding to it, and am very proud of it. Check it out below!


I paired this cute graphic tee with a red leather skirt. I'll link the t-shirt here. It's super affordable and cute year-round), but the skirt was actually made by my roommate's dad. (He owns an upholstery business!) I paired the look with gold hoops and black heeled booties.

Needless to say, it was a fantastic morning full of laughs and girl time. If you've never hosted a Galentine's what are are you waiting for!? 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Favorites


I started typing out that I couldn't believe that January is over, but thinking about it, this month has been LONG for me! I think it's partly due to the fact that school didn't start back up until the middle of the month, so the whole first half kind of felt like a waiting game...

I haven't done a favorites post in a while, mainly because I had kind of been sticking to the same old same old and didn't really have anything new to talk about. I recently have become obsessed with some things that I *need* to share, so here we go:

SHOES - It's no secret that I love shoes, but this month I have been so obsessed with finding really cool and unique shoes. I have been online browsing so many different pairs of shoes lately, and I just can't get enough! These pom pom sneakers I'm wearing in the pics above, have been my go-to recently. 

QUAY SUNGLASSES - I had been wanting these sunglasses for so long, and I finally bit the bullet in December and purchased them with some Christmas money. I never let myself buy nice sunglasses because I always tend to lose or break them, so I'm trying my hardest to be careful with them. I'm typically not an aviator type of gal, but I love the oversized fit of these-- I can't stop wearing them!

CC CREAM - I purchased the travel size version of this CC Cream at the beginning of last summer and was able to use it for about two weeks before it got way too light for me. I re-discovered it this winter when I ran out of my normal foundation and fell in love! It's so so light yet gives such good coverage. It's called "your skin but better" and that's exactly what it is! It's perfect to throw on in the morning before class, or for a nicer occasion as well! My only dilemma is that when I looked it up to repurchase it, I saw how expensive the full size is... It's so good but I want to cry thinking about paying that much for a tube of CC cream. 

THEY'RE REAL MASCARA - My sweet little sis got me this for Christmas and wow. I am in love. I used this mascara years ago, and I swear they changed the formula or something because it is so much better than I remember! The wand has a little extra ball of spikes at the end that is perfect for bottom lashes and the inner corner eyelashes as well. It really works wonders and makes it look like you're wearing false lashes!

COCONUT OIL - Everyone knows that coconut oil has a million different beauty uses, but I have been loving it this month for my dry skin! I put a teeny bit on my legs, face, and heels before I go to bed and wake up with hydrated skin and a more glowy face. I swear it's been helping clear up my face as well!

| FOOD |
I talked about this a little bit on Instagram this month, but I did a No-Sugar-January, so I don't really have many cool foods to talk about but...

HOMEMADE ESPRESSO - I loved making homemade lattes and cappuccinos last month and this month. I've grown to like my lattes just as much as the ones I buy from coffee shops, and it's been saving me big $$$. I've been using the unsweetened original coconut milk from Trader Joe's mostly, but I have better luck making foam with almond milk. 

FRESH FRUIT - I've obviously always liked fruit, but this month I have been obsessed with keeping fresh berries and pineapple in the fridge at all times! I think it's because that's one way I was able to eat something sweet since I was staying away from processed/artificial/added sugars.

MUSIC - There has been SO much good new music to come out this month! Camilla Cabello, Drake, Migos and Bruno Mars all have new songs that I like, to name a few. I will link my "current jams" playlist here so that you can follow along. (this is a really long playlist that I always add to, but all of my newer additions are at the bottom of the playlist!) 

WORKING OUT - I have been on such a workout grind lately, and I'm so proud of myself! I talked about this in my resolutions post, but my apple watch is really helping keep me accountable to excersise. Although as I am writing this, I am skipping my favorite cardio hip hop class at the gym because I was too tired... you win some you lose some I guess....

INSTAGRAM STORIES - hopefully if you follow me on Instagram you've noticed that I have been posting way more stories this month. This was another goal of mine for the new year, and I have been having fun sharing my outfits, food I cooked, and other little snaps of my day! I take pride in a good insta story. 

FRESH FLOWERS - I don't know if I'm just over winter and ready for spring, but I have been so drawn to flowers lately. We've had some type of fresh flowers in our kitchen for one reason or another over the past month, and it really adds so much life into the room! I can't stop pinning pictures of flowers around the house either!

That's my January round up! Do you like seeing these types of posts? Please leave a comment down below or let me know if you do, because I will try and do more in the future.

Thanks for reading & let's make February GREAT.

you are better than you were yesterday ;)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Camo Pants & Pom Shoes

Classes are officially back in ~full swing~ and I am so excited about it! This semester is going to be so good. For a couple of reasons: One, I am officially starting the upper division track in my major (broadcast journalism). This means that this is the first semester that I will be "hands on" learning. My Intro to Writing and Reporting class is literally learning how to shoot, edit, create a package etc. aka the fun stuff ;)

This is also the the first semester that I am only taking my major/minor classes. It is so refreshing to be taking classes because I genuinely enjoy learning about these subjects and want to use them in my career.

Okay I'll stop boring you with my school rambling -- let's talk about this outfit:

This sweater is old from Nordstrom Rack, but I linked a couple of similar ones below. I love the look of the distressing, but this sweater isn't my favorite because it's really thin and very see-through.. The first time I wore it, I took a pic at night with flash and you could see RIGHT through it! So embarrassing...

I have been on the hunt for a good pair of camo pants since I saw some on Black Friday (the boutique I was at didn't have my size.) Camo pants are tricky because they can be wrong in so many ways.. I liked these because they're gray which makes them a little bit more lowkey. The jegging fit of them also makes them a little bit more chic. I've also worn them with a slouchy white sweater & OTK boots for a less ~edgy~ look.

I am obsessed with sneakers right now and these pom pom shoes are no exception. I realized after shooting this outfit that the pants and shoes are both from Target surprisingly!! They have been killing the game recently & at such a good price point!

Thanks for reading, and see below for all of the outfit details!


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Star of the Show Boots


I'm so excited to be *finally* sharing this outfit here! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw these boots earlier this week. I got so many comments about them, and unfortunately they are only available in a size 8 or 9 right now. (If those are your sizes, you're a lucky gal bc they are on sale for a STEAL!) 

Remember when I said I was going to try harder with more color in my wardrobe? This is me trying. Ha! Kidding, but I am still living for some all black outfits lately. And apparently I've been living for these jeans lately too! 🙈

These boots are such a cool statement piece to any outfit! I like them paired with this all black, but you could totally wear these with a cool jumpsuit, or even transition them into the early spring time with a white dress.. I think the key to rocking these boots is to keep them the star of the show. 

*cue Star of The Show by Thomas Rhett* ;)

I'm linking a few different very similar shoes below! They are all great prices, so be sure to scroll through and check each pair out, especially if pink isn't your thang!

My fuzzy sweater is old from PacSun, but I am linking some similar ones below as well! 

If you're still reading this, thank you so much! I put so much time and effort into these posts, so it really means a lot to everyone that reads and supports them! I am giving away the exact same pink choker I wore in these pics as a little small thank you! :)

To enter: make sure you're liking my Facebook page, following me on Instagram, and then comment just tag a friend in the comments of my picture on Instagram today (Jan 25).

Friday, January 12, 2018

Healthy Snack Ideas (That Will Keep You Full!)

(laughing at the fact that my last recipe post was for a huge apple pie, and now I'm here with these...)

It's that time of year again where everyone and their mother is trying to eat right and work out more. The gym will remain slam-packed for about a month or so more, and then it's back to the same-old-same-old for most new years resolutions quitters. 

I am determined to actually stick with my goals for the new year, and I know that I can do it. Let me preface this by saying that within the past year or so, I've gotten pretty into nutrition. I like to do research on what foods contain which vitamins and what it all does for your body. I actually really like to eat a clean and healthy diet, and I find it easy to stick to when I get into the ~groove~ of eating clean for a few weeks. One issue I sometimes run into, however, is that late afternoon timeframe when I'm usually finishing up class for the day and need something to eat before dinner! I don't buy chips/crackers/nuts or anything "snacky" like that because those are all typically very high in calories, and I would eat may too much in a sitting. So I get in a little bit of a pickle when two pm comes around and I don't eat dinner until 7 or 8. Cue these two snacks - they've been my lifesavers, and they don't taste too "healthy" (aka like grass!) if you're not into all of that.

Okay, avo toast is very trendy and basic at the moment, but it's for good reason. Try this recipe out and you'll get why:

-Bread (obviously) 
(I usually get a GF loaf from Trader Joe's, but any wheat/multigrain will do)
-1/2 avocado or 1 mini avocado
(I should prob buy stock in Trader Joes' "teeny tiny avocados" because I buy so many - One is perfect for two slices of the small gf bread)
-Flax seeds
(these have so many health benefits - do your research! - they're full of omega-3's which promote heart health and can also help with weight loss. They also have a really good flavor and add some crunch)
-Lime juice
(the secret ingredient. The toast isn't the same without it)
This recipe isn't rocket science but I'll break it down anyways: While my bread is toasting, I gather all of the ingredients and cut the avo. I spoon out each side of the avo onto the toast (the key is to mash it onto the toast with a fork!) and then I sprinkle the seeds and finish off with a few squeezes of lime. Don't be afraid to do a lot of flax. It's recommended to eat up to five tablespoons a day! For the lime juice, I just buy the bottled version because it's so much more convenient that cutting/squeezing a whole lime every time. 

Confession time real quick: Since I took these pictures, I have stopped buying greek yogurt because I am trying to limit my dairy intake as much as possible. I pretty much eat this same snack now, but with acai instead of greek yogurt (second pic). Both are really good, and if you like greek yogurt, eat it! (So much protein!) 
-Plain, non-fat greek yogurt
(not to be a Trader Joe's snob, but I preferred their brand in this too!)
-any toppings you want for the top 
In the pic above I had chia seeds, cocoa nibs, banana, and PB protein granola (hemp granola with the acai because pb and acai is gross...) I have also done other types of fruit, shredded unsweetened coconut, walnuts, honey drizzle.I always do chia seeds (again, research the benefits of these as well!), but the other toppings change all of the time depending on my mood and what I have in the kitchen. You do have to be careful because all of the toppings can add up big time in the calorie department. 
For the acai version, I buy the frozen organic acai packets from Trader Joe's. I run a packet under hot water to thaw it until it's breakable, and then I blend it with half of a banana and a splash of almond milk! Call me crazy but I made it the other day with half of a mini avocado into the mix and it was SO creamy and delicious! A 10/10!

I've been loving making these for snacks (and breakfast!) but I'm always looking for more recipes to add to the mix! If you have any that you recommend, please let me know! 

Thanks for reading, and CRUSH those GOALS 💪🏼

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Black and White : My Winter Uniform


^scroll to shop

Okay my wardrobe is in need of some serious TLC in the color department lately. I was looking at my instagram the other day and realized my last few pics have all been me wearing black and white. If you would've asked me three years ago if I would wear an all-black outfit I would have laughed in your face. My style is always evolving and I currently can't get enough of black and white I suppose 🤷🏽‍♀️

Onto the outfit... I have been on the prowl for a big furry "teddy bear" coat like this one for a while, and my oldest sister surprised me with this one for Christmas! It has pockets and I have to stop myself from wearing it everyday. (I want need it in black now, obviously!!!)

Speaking of wearing everyday, I got these sunglasses last week and I can already tell that they will be a major staple in my wardrobe. I had been eyeing so many different pairs of Quay sunglasses for a while, so I'm glad I finally got a pair! I love these mirrored ones so much.

Also - a complete side note - if you follow me on Instagram you may have heard me talk about my no sugar diet on my story earlier this week... basically I am trying to eat no added or artificial sugar for the whole month of January. So basically, I'm only getting sugar from fruits and veggies. Y'all. It is hard. I've gotten past the initial phase of craving sweets, but I've had horrible headaches, little to no energy, and would just about kill someone for a diet coke!!! I'm really hoping it will all be worth it in the end though. I plan to do a whole post about it once the month is over, but if you have ever cut out sugar before & have tips on how to cope, pls send them asap!!

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading :)

"work until you no longer have to introduce yourself"

Monday, January 8, 2018

Goals for the New Year: 2018

At the end of the year, I love to take some to sit down and reflect on what goals I have for the new year. I think everyone can benefit from taking time to self-reflect and think about some things they want to do differently or things they want to make happen in the next year. I don't always write mine out, but now that we're a week into the new year, I decided to sit down and share a few here. It always helps to share your goals with others to make yourself more accountable.. right?? ;)

This is something I always know that I should do, but I am sometimes bad about. It is so easy to sit around and watch Netflix when I have free time, but in the new year, I want to make it a priority to conscious with free time. This could be something as simple as taking more time to study, or writing and preparing blog posts.

I always say I want to read more. I love reading, and I could spend hours getting lost in a good book. But these days I never seem to sit down and read a book unless it's summertime... I am aiming to read five books this year (outside of books I have to read for school, obviously). I'm hoping that setting a numeric goal for this one will help me be more accountable.

If you know me you know that I have a problem with drinking water. I don't drink it. I never really think about it, and can go days without drinking water without even realizing it. I try to buy new water bottles to motivate myself to stay hydrated, and it will work for like 3 days before I'm back to my old dried up dehydrated ways... If anyone has any tips on how to make myself drink water please let me know!

I got an apple watch for Christmas, and I've already noticed a difference in my motivation to be more active. I was a big Fitbit girl back in the day (aka two years ago ;) and I was obsessed with getting all of my steps everyday. I have a feeling that now I will be obsessed with closing all of my rings on my apple watch! 

I am generally pretty good at saving my money, but I get in random spurts of buying little things that are unnecessary or buying random clothes that I only wear once, so I want to try and minimize that as much as possible.

I saw this quote on Pinterest recently that said, "Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time" - and that is so true! I want to find a great moisturizer and night cream and start dedicating time every day to invest in my skin.

Okay this probably sounds a little psychotic that I'm actually making a new years resolution to Instagram more, but hear me out: I know that one of the biggest ways to grow any blog is through Instagram. Taking good pictures and posting frequently is what will make more people want to follow me on Instagram, which will in turn make more people want to read my blog. I know all of this because this is exactly how I find new blogs to read - from the bloggers I find/follow on Instagram. Knowing all of this, I still don't post nearly as much as I should. This is partly due to the fact that I feel like I never have new content to post because I always feel so busy. In the new year, I'm going to try and take the time to be intentional with asking friends to take pictures for me, and plan my Instagram posts ahead of time so I am able to stay present on there. 

I think a new year is the perfect opportunity to assess how you want to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually for the next 12 months. Spend some time to sit down and write out your vision for 2018. What you want to accomplish, where you want to go, and most importantly HOW you plan to do it all. It's fun and good to say "I want to lose ten pounds", but if you don't plan out how you're going to do it, it will never happen.  If you're unsure on where to begin when it comes to setting goals, read this post from this time last year on how tackle your goals in five easy steps! 

make some goals & make it happen!

2018 : Let's do this!